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Turning Classic Physics Problems into Lab Practicums: Featuring the Patrolman and the Speeder

… encouraged by the testing of their solutions with the robots. They wanted to see it really work, and went back with enthusiasm to search for a more accurate method or to track down errors in mathematics.

Over beers at late night physics teacher gatherings, conferences like the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) or Physics Teacher Camp, it seems someone almost always pipes up to say, “I just love lab practicums. They’re great! I wish I could do all lab practicums rather than textbook type problems.” Well, I and a collaborating teacher just turned some classic physics problems into lab practicums using my reprogrammed Scribbler 2 Robots. First is the patrolman and speeder problem, a great student exercise because it lends itself to so many different problem-solving approaches.

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